Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Ah, James. How does a former super-spy designed to fight Cold War villainy keep modern audiences entertained and captivated? First you revamp the entire genre starting with a comparison to what audiences respond most: intelligent action propelled by character-driven story lines. Simple enough, right? Not so much.

Quantum of Solace picks-up where the last James Bond left us in Casino Royal. The series was revamped with a new, more intense James, Daniel Craig, and inspired by a need to tell the origins of how one becomes a secret agent with a license to kill. The action sequences become more elaborate and sophisticatedly real. The series became more dark, more real, and somehow promised to compete with every action series out there.

Easy enough. Not so. While Casino Royal promised a new direction, the ability to keep up with its commitment has once again stranded the super spy in action hero limbo.

For all intents and purposes, Quantum delivers on the action. A little too much. From the very start the action sequences are long and intense. And I mean needing a defibrillator and a cigarette intense. Much appreciation goes out to the cast and crew for delivering so much to a genre that once needed invisible cars to get us from point A to point B.

But for all the action, the story dwindles. Our Bond is tough, smart and savvy, but the transition from action sequence to action sequence, disguised as a story, or hell, even a plot, is lost. It's almost as if our dear James is so worried to keep up with the Jason Bournes, the Transporters, the superheros, that he's lost touch with what people really love about him: he's a spy. He has to investigate and gather clues to get to those bad guys. Believe me, people like to feel a part of the story by understanding how you arrived to the bad guys. In this Bond, he seems to know where they are at all times and just goes in for the kill. And boy does he rack up the body count.

For what it's worth, an action movie, Quantum delivers above and beyond. As for a spy drama, let's hope the next one is a little more in-tune. Kudos to Daniel Craig for bringing Bond to a whole new level of badass and for Marc Forster for bringing beautifully shot landscapes and technically marvelous action sequences to the sliver screen. But as far as delivering on what began a couple of years ago, that shot heard around the world has long since been muffled. ***C***

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Role Models

There is something in the water in Hollywood. Ever since the take-over of Judd Apatow and his league of funny men, Hollywood's yearly barrage of comedy popcorn flicks has featured great ensembles, crude and highbrow humor, and surprising heartfelt human touches on what could be less-than-stellar plot lines.

Role Models is such a movie. This time Paul Rudd carries this feature with much-do credit. Rudd plays Danny, a man in his thirties unfulfilled in his professional life which has put strain on his personal one. Rudd proves, once again, that he can charm and deliver us the laughs. Great actor.

Danny's partner where he works, did I mention it was an energy-drink company, Wheeler, is just the Stifler-like character you'd expect would be the wingman. Shockingly the movies producers got Seann William Scott. Fitting.

In a fit of rage Danny distroyes a company truck, forcing Danny and Wheeler to serve community service. They are directed to Study Wings, a Big Brothers, Big Sisters-like organization run by ex-con Gayle Sweeny, played perfectly by Jane Lynch.

The humor is perfectly crude at times. Look for excellent cameos by the young men that Danny and Wheeler mentor, Bobb'e J. Thompson as Ronnie and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Augie. Enjoy laughing your ass off! ***A***

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That Quote

As soon as I wrote it down...BAM! I remembered where that quote came from. Only one of the best movies ever made, The Shawshank Redemption!

Red: Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

I'm On Board!

Okay, it wasn't perfect. But we got something. Hope. Which according to some movies is a dangerous thing. I'll agree. But we have to have it. I could not be more proud.

I need to pull it together. I just watched this for the third time and I've been balling like a bitch with a skinned knee. Seriously.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello Again, Is It Me You're Looking For?

I posted one month ago exactly. I feel like I don't utilize this as much as I should.

Anyway, I have to write about some new theories I have discovered under the influence of a very special batch of scones.

I have deducted that humans are both a unique channel of energies, life revolves around water, and something else. Hmm...(insert obvious stoner joke).

First point. Humans, everyone, every thing is made up of atoms, correct? What are atoms but forms of energy? I think people would agree. In space there's nothing but atoms and molecules, etc. This energy is formed into the three-dimensional world. This is where we become physical things. It's a very concentrated version of energy. Tightly packed. And when we die. When our physical bodies switch off, that energy is released. Just poof. Back into the universe.

I think humans are unique in that they have their own energy, their own being. But then we're released out of this dimension. And what's out there is dimensionless. It's the conscience that's released. It's not here, but it's not not here. It's all knowledge and all being.

This channel of energy is streamed into the third-dimension. Just always going. I guess the closest thing we have a name for it is time. But it's a cold name for something so grand, so infinite. But this stream is always in motion. It's the flow of our energies.

It's this flow that gives us form in the physical. This physical energy is water. Which is my second point.

Water gives us what we are. What life needs. Humans are 80 percent water. The earth is 75 percent water. It's the life source of our physical universes. And what a great correlation between the earth and humans. Of course we're destroying our planet. We destroy ourselves. But I digress.

The other night I just felt that my body was traveling through space and time in waves. I felt the flow of life. It was scary, exhilarating, comforting and beautiful all in one.

Which gets me to my third discovery (told you I'd remember). The three dimensional energies we interact with fire, wind, water, earth are the physical manifestations of what the universe is like. Like our interaction with these elements is supposed to help us understand what the universe is like. Its made of all these brilliant energies, and our relationship with these elements is interaction of the energies within the universe.

I think I just need to retire from writing for now.

I Found My New Dream Man

The photo makes me seem super shallow but look it. He's rockin' the shaved head. That bad-boy kind of white-thug look. I mean the bling on the ears. THEN Chuck Taylors!!! Ala alternative kids. Huge crush!

Okay, I'll admit that his body is sick. But regular human beings can rock the shaved head, ear bling and Chucks look. I'm pretty sure I've seen it happen.

Cool Photo Time