Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Male

Uh...I found him somewhere online. Heeeello cute. I can't resist a guy with a shaved head. Not many could pull it off my friends. Not many at all.

Right Now is a Great Day!

That heavy hustler Harpo (aka Oprah) for her book selections. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle is such a fascinating read. Not only is it interesting but it helps you attain Consciousness! AH!

I haven't been keeping up with Oprah and her show to join in on their class online, but I read in little segments (thank God it has many breaks in each chapter to do so) and then I reflect on what I've read. I totally meditate! Cool.

I was excited all day to go walking with Nala after work and the walk was so amazing. I put my iPod on, got the leash, and we were off. I got so lost meditating in the moment.

It was a great time to time-out being in the moment. It wasn't I, but my Being. Being with Nala, being in the Sun, being among the colors of every plant and branch and tree, being each step I take. It was so great.

I'm really happy. Well, I guess, I'm not happy, but I'm all these emotions. It's true, too. I feel neither sad or depressed; nor, do I feel gay and jubilant. I'm just aware of all these emotions I experience all day. It's like being above your emotions, kind of like how people who almost die feel an out-of-body experience. I initially thought that it would be like censoring your emotions and being sort of zombie like, but it's so freeing and beautiful to look at your mind and emotions. It's beautiful. This body. These emotions. This Earth. This life. AH. C'est magnifique!